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I really want to jump in and get a pair of UE PRO IEMs, but I can’t for the life of me decided which model to get. Should I just be frugal and get the cheapest one, or break the bank and get the 18s? I looked at the specs and it all makes some sense, but what can I expect to hear?


What’s the scoop?

Hey Scoop!

Obviously the best thing to do is find a dealer and schedule a demo session. You can look here on the UE Dealer locator. You can also use the website to speak to a Ultimate Ears Expert and have all your questions answered.

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When you fill out the contact form make sure you let the UE team know how you plan to use your IEMs, it will help us find the right model for you needs!

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All UE custom in-ear monitors have the same external features, but their internal components are what set them apart from each other. Each model is made up of different configurations of balanced armatures and passive crossovers.

So then what’s the difference between all the models? Sound. We offer different models because we offer different sound signatures. Someone looking for enhanced low end is quite different than someone who is looking for a flat reference monitor. Sound is a matter of taste. We’ve designed our monitors based on the sounds that performers want. The driver configurations and the actual number of drivers per ear is a byproduct of creating the right sound signature.

The Ultimate Ears Models

The UE18+ has punchy low end, silky smooth mids and crystal clear highs. With 6 drivers per ear, it was designed for the most discerning performers and music listeners. This is our flagship model, offering more headroom and fidelity than anything else out there.

The UE PRO Remastered is an accurate, flat frequency response reference monitor that is made specifically for studio recording and mixing. It can also be used onstage for anyone looking to hear the mix as accurately as possible. This in-ear monitor was made in collaboration with the prestigious and widely respected Capitol Studios engineering team.

The UE11 PRO has 4 drivers per ear. The UE 11 PRO is designed for performers who are looking for enhanced low end. Deep, accurate bass response makes this ideal for drummers, bass players, hip hop artists and DJ’s.

The UE7 PRO is the industry standard. It’s a 3-driver powerhouse; the loudest model we offer. Looking for enhanced mids for more vocal clarity? This is the monitor to rely on.

The UE5 PRO is the original dual driver custom IEM. This is the model that helped transition the industry from wedges to in-ears. While not as powerful as the UE7, this model offers a wider soundstage and more headroom than the UE4.

The UE4 PRO is designed specifically for emerging artists. Or for anyone with a tight budget. If you’re playing gigs at local clubs or performing at church, it’s now possible to economically make the transition from traditional floor monitors to the detail and versatility you only get with custom IEMs.

The UE1 is a single IEM that delivers a stereo summed-to-mono mix. The UE1 is ideal for artists who want to mix IEMs with wedges. It’s also great for security personnel.

*** Every model except the UE Reference Monitor is available with the ambient feature option. This allows the user to choose how much external sound blends with the audio mix. This is important for musicians who do not want to feel isolated or who want a combination of in-ears and wedges.

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