Mike Dawson and Chris Laxamana of the Adam Carolla Show reviewed the UE Sound Tap on Chris Laxamana’s The Water Cooler podcast, episode #061. – Listen to the full episode here

Ultimate Ears Sound Tap on the Adam Carolla ShowDawson says, “If you are a fucking stage drummer or a bar drummer and you have Ultimate Ears then number 1 – you need this thing!”

“It’s a 5x6x2 box that works as a patch to your in-ear monitors. It takes a speakon cable or an XLR.  You can plug it right into the audio chain of monitors and it works as a through so you’re not affecting any of the audio that the sound man is doing – all you’re doing is plugging into his chain.”

“It’s unparalleled. It’s easy.  It’s battery powered. It takes a couple of 9 Volts. You’ve got an input level, you’ve got a master volume and most importantly you’ve got a jack for your Ultimate Ears.”

“This thing retails at around $250 bucks. Its got a good weight to it. It feels good and solid.”
“We demoed it at NAMM and it’s freakin awesome!”

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