You’ve just ordered your brand new Ultimate Ears and probably have a few questions.

Here’s everything that you need to know.

Fit & Comfort 

Ultimate Ears Pro wants you to have the best experience possible when using our products. Our Custom In-Ear Monitors are hand crafted and uniquely molded to your ears. Every once in awhile fit issues may occur — everyone has a different level of sensitivity when it comes to keeping things in your ear. If your Custom In-Ear Monitors do not feel perfectly comfortable or if the low-end frequencies are lacking, please contact your UE Representative (your local dealer or your direct account manager)  for assistance.

Audio Quality

Ultimate Ears prides itself for unparalleled sound quality. If you are not completely overwhelmed by the power and clarity of your music or if you ever begin to experience intermittent sound or any other audio issues, please use our step-by-step Ultimate Ears Pro Audio Quality Troubleshooting Guide to resolve the issue.

When will I get my new monitors?

Ultimate Ears will ship your new monitors within 5-10 business days after your order hits the factory floor.

How long with it take for my new Ultimate Ears to arrive once they ship?

All US Domestic orders ship via UPS Overnight Delivery. You will receive a shipping notice from your dealer or from Ultimate Ears directly.

Will UPS leave the package at the door or do I need to sign for it?

All orders require a signature at the time of delivery. This is the best way to insure that you receive your monitors when shipped.

What happens to the physical impression I sent in?

Ultimate Ears digitally scans all impressions and keeps the originals on file. We do not send back impressions. Since your impressions have been digitally scanned, they will last forever and you can reorder backups or upgrades at anytime — even 10 years from now.

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