Ultimate Ears Offers Hi-Fi Cables For Discerning Music Lovers

Want even more output and even higher fidelity? Consider official UE After-Market Cables.

We know that audiophiles search high and low for better sound. We know the desire for even-better cables. We  created the Official UE Cable Signature Series.



Gold Plated Silver Copper Alloy

Our flagship gold plated silver copper alloy cable has been voiced to to add more depth to lower registers and more sparkle to the highs. It will open the sound stage and make your music sound even more spacious and layered.

Available now for only $299




99.99% 4n Pure Silver.

Our Pure Silver cable has been voiced to be balanced and smooth. If you are looking for nuanced balanced sound, The Summit is for you.

Available now for only $175










  • The entire cable is 22 AWG.
    Both the 2pin and 3.5mm plug are 24K gold plated.
    Structure of single wire (conductor) is 0.05*24strands.

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