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UE Balanced Armatures 1

What’s the deal with Balanced Armatures?

In my travels I’ve learned a lot about IEMs and sound devices of all kinds. But I have to admit I was always a little confused about the pros and cons of Balanced Armature vs Dynamic Speakers, and I know [...]

What’s the minimum age to get impressions?

What’s the minimum age to get impressions?

My kid is in a band that is starting to get some attention, which means they are playing a lot of shows. She’s still in her early teens, but I was thinking about getting her a set of IEMs. but [...]

DJing wirelessly with Ultimate Ears | Ultimate Ears Stories

DJing wirelessly with Ultimate Ears | Ultimate Ears Stories

Recently I made a change to my DJ monitoring setup and discovered a whole new world of possibilities as well as a smoother workflow. First, I want to say that DJing with in-ear monitors (IEMs) has been a mind-altering experience. [...]

Ultimate Ears Stories | Wax Happens

Why do I have to visit an Audiologist?

That’s a very good question and I’m glad you brought it up. In-ear monitors are custom fit to your ears and your ears only. They are not off-the-shelf products so before we can build them for you, we need to [...]

Ultimate Ears Horn Player

In-Ear Monitors are for everyone. Including Horn Players

Yes! Absolutely yes. In Ears are for everyone. Including horn players. Custom in-ear monitors are for any musician who wants to protect their hearing and have more control over their mix. And that includes trumpet players, sax players, and even [...]

Ultimate Ears Drummer Click Track

The Best way to use In-Ear Monitors with a Click Track

I’m a drummer and I want to use a click track. I’ve heard in-ears are good for this. Any advice? In-Ear Monitors are what you you’re looking for. In addition to your click, you’ll be able to mix in any [...]