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Sudwyn Munshi | Guest Post | Ultimate Ears Stories

Our guest post this time out is from Sudwyn Munshi. Besides for being intactly involved in the shell detailing process at Ultimate Ears, Sudwyn is a Los Angeles based producer, engineer, and let’s not forget musician. One thing that I [...]

Can I use IEMs as DJ Headphones? | Ultimate Ears Stories from the Field

I really want to pursue being a DJ even though I’m just starting out.  I’m seriously researching headphones. I’m seeing a lot of options and my friends all have different opinions. What do you think about using IEMs for DJ [...]

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What Are The Benefits Of Using Custom IN-EAR Monitors

WHAT ARE THE BENEFITS OF USING CUSTOM IN-EAR MONITORS? Are you ever onstage constantly thinking to yourself: “I wish I could hear the other musicians better?” “I wish i could hear my voice better” “That sound person is going to [...]

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How to keep a tight seal as a drummer.

Sometimes my UE Pro IEMs break their seal when I start to make those drummer faces ( totally my fault, def not the UE Pro).  Do you have any suggestions for me to keep that seal intact while I’m drumming? [...]

DJing wirelessly with Ultimate Ears | Ultimate Ears Stories

DJing wirelessly with Ultimate Ears | Ultimate Ears Stories

Recently I made a change to my DJ monitoring setup and discovered a whole new world of possibilities as well as a smoother workflow. First, I want to say that DJing with in-ear monitors (IEMs) has been a mind-altering experience. [...]