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What to do before Your Audiologist appointment

Wax Happens. A Few Points to Consider Before Setting Your Impressions Appointment

You’ve made the bold move to get custom in-ear monitors. You’ve debated and asked around and now you are ready to get your impressions made.  You are stoked. You’ve made the appointment to see your local audiologist; you’re on your [...]

Wax Happens | Clean and Happy IEMs | Ultimate Ears Stories

Wax Happens | Clean and Happy IEMs | Ultimate Ears Stories

First a disclaimer, the information provided below is intended for clients of UE Pro who have had their ears inspected, had impressions made and now want to maintain healthy ear canal. This is NOT for everyone – especially if they [...]

Ultimate Ears Stories | Wax Happens

Why do I have to visit an Audiologist?

That’s a very good question and I’m glad you brought it up. In-ear monitors are custom fit to your ears and your ears only. They are not off-the-shelf products so before we can build them for you, we need to [...]