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Worship Leader Magazine Reviews the UE Reference Remastered

Ultimate Ears Pro Reference Remastered The UE Pro Reference Remastered gives you a completely transparent/uncolored headphone mix, perfect for critical listening settings, monitor mixing, or even audio recording Read the full UE Reference Remastered House of Worship review here.   [...]

The Absolute Sound Reviews the UE Reference Remaster

Ultimate Ears Pro Reference Remastered Custom In-ear Monitors: Promise Delivered “The Ultimate Ears Pro Reference Remastered image beautifully with 3-D dimensionality and finesse. A fine example of the UERR’s imaging can be heard on the Mollie Moore cover of the Sinatra [...]

T-WIZZ for Ultimate Ears

Top “Pro Tools Guy” Atiba “T-wizz” Jones Talks Live Sound and Ultimate Ears

Atiba “T-wizz” Jones is a playback engineer or “Pro Tools Guy”. We’ll let him explain all the details, but it sounds like a dream job! Having the position that I have in a performance, I need to hear what’s going on [...]

Looking for the Best Studio Tools? DJ Times calls the UE RR “Amazingly Good at Revealing Defects.”

Tools for the Studio: In-Ear Monitors I loved them. they’ve gone with me everywhere I go: on airplanes when I travel, in my studio, and even during some DJ sets The “Remastered” version of the IEMs has a number of [...]

UE Pro Reference Remastered Nominated for NAMM TEC Award – Showcasing the Best in Pro Audio and Sound Production

The NAMM Foundation has announced  nominees for its 32nd Annual NAMM Technical Excellence & Creativity Awards. More than 900 products and projects were considered during the highly-competitive nomination process. “What makes all of the TEC Award nominees so special to us at [...]

Music Connection Calls the UE Reference Remastered Monitors the New Favorite!

Ultimate Ears Pro Reference Remastered In-Ears Now my new favorites, the UE Pro Reference Remastered offer monitoring portability with great sound isolation and the ability to work with any audio interface. Read the full UE Reference Remastered Review here:   [...]

Digital Trends says: “Rediscover the intricacies of your favorite music like you’ve never heard it before.”

From Digital Trends: Thanks to their triple shot of advanced, balanced armature drivers, the RM offer a brilliantly accurate reproduction of exactly what’s been laid down in the recording — no artificial colors or preservatives added. The result can make [...]

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Mix Magazine: “You should consider the UERR at the top of your list.”

Mix Magazine says: “…if you’re looking for the best there is in an IEM that brings you an unparalleled and trustworthy listening experience, you should consider the UERR at the top of your list.” Mix also says: After hearing both [...]

UE PRO Remastered

UE Pro Remastered | The Second Collaboration with Capitol Studios

Last week Ultimate Ears unveiled  the UE Pro Remastered. It’s the latest collaboration with Capitol Studios and it’s a big deal for many reasons. You might be asking “what does remastering IEMs even mean?”   A few years ago Ultimate [...]

Confidently take your studio on the road with Ultimate Ears. This is how I did it pt 1.

I needed to use my studio on the road. I needed power, portability and translation — the triumvirate of the modern producer / mixer. Power and portability are self-explanatory, translation means: am I confident that I am hearing an accurate [...]