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Dan Aiello, Music Director of Clovis Hills Community Church: “3 Tips for Improving your In Ear Mix”

3 Tips for Improving your In Ear Mix A guest post by, Dan Aiello, Music Director of Clovis Hills Community Church As a worship musician, few things are more important than being able to hear yourself clearly. Whether you’ve been [...]

Do we need new wireless packs for every country that we visit | Ultimate Ears Stories

Do you need new wireless packs for every country that your band visits?

We’re thinking about buying the Sennheiser G3 wireless transmitters and packs. But we tour all over the world. Do we need new wireless packs for every country that we visit? All the Sennheiser G3 units work all over the world. [...]


How To Mix In-Ear Monitors Without A Dedicated Tour Engineer

Q: Can we use in-ears even if we don’t travel with a monitor engineer? Regardless of what your touring situation looks like and even if you’re playing clubs without a dedicated sound engineer, you can still benefit from IEMs. If [...]

Ultimate Ears IEMs vs Wedgess

What is the Ambient Option and do I Need It?

When some people start using In-Ear Monitors they worry about feeling isolated from the audience. Some people think they can even try using only 1 in-ear. This is a bad idea. A very bad idea. I understand that you don’t [...]

Ultimate Ears for Live Performance

Reduce Vocal Fatigue with Mic Control & In-Ear Monitors

One of the most overlooked processes for vocalists is Mic Control. Very few vocalists practice mic technique enough. This I can lead to all sorts of bad results including poor performance to making really a really bad habit much worse. [...]

What to do before Your Audiologist appointment

Wax Happens. A Few Points to Consider Before Setting Your Impressions Appointment

You’ve made the bold move to get custom in-ear monitors. You’ve debated and asked around and now you are ready to get your impressions made.  You are stoked. You’ve made the appointment to see your local audiologist; you’re on your [...]

Ultimate Ears Stories | Digital Audio Labs

The Fundamentals of Personal Monitoring. How to Create a Solid Mix.

Personal Monitoring 101 pt. 1 Brought to you by the makers of Livemix. DAL has been in the game since the 1980’s when digital audio was just emerging. They have always been known for incredible sound and build quality. So [...]

Ultimate Ears Stories

If you start to lose output from your in-ear monitors, it’s probably time for a deep cleaning.

I hate to say this, but I find myself emailing you about my UEs not working properly… It seems to be a repeat of a previous problem. I have low output on both sides, especially from the bass driver. For [...]

Ultimate Ears Stories

How to keep a tight seal as a drummer.

Sometimes my UE Pro IEMs break their seal when I start to make those drummer faces ( totally my fault, def not the UE Pro).  Do you have any suggestions for me to keep that seal intact while I’m drumming? [...]

In Ear Monitoring | What is Sound Guard and What does it do? | Ultimate Ears Stories

In a previous installment of UE University we talked about the fantastic Sound Guard that UE debuted at NAMM this year. We spoke with Engineer Joe Saggio on some of the more technical sides of Sound Guard. Hey Joe, thanks [...]