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Care and Storage for many In-Ear Monitors | Ultimate Ears Stories

Running a pretty big production where you have to take care of a lot of IEMs. Some are custom fit, and some are universal? Here are some tips on care and storage. If a production keeps a number of universal fit IEMs on hand [...]

UE PRO Remastered

UE Pro Remastered | The Second Collaboration with Capitol Studios

Last week Ultimate Ears unveiled  the UE Pro Remastered. It’s the latest collaboration with Capitol Studios and it’s a big deal for many reasons. You might be asking “what does remastering IEMs even mean?”   A few years ago Ultimate [...]

Ultimate Ears Stories | FRIAS

FRIAS | Ultimate Ears Stories

Producer / Engineer  FRIAS has worked in the US and Mexico with bands as diverse as Molotov and Syntek. He’s worked both in the studio and in a variety of live settings. We caught FRIAS during a break in his [...]

Ultimate Ears Stories | Larry Crane

Larry Crane – Tape Op Magazine | Ultimate Ears Stories from the Field

Larry Crane is the creator of Tape Op Magazine. For nearly 20 years Tape Op has been a must read for those looking to learn and explore ideas in creative recording.   Fittingly,  Tape Op got it’s start in the [...]

Ultimate Ears Stories | Digital Audio Labs

The Fundamentals of Personal Monitoring. How to Create a Solid Mix.

Personal Monitoring 101 pt. 1 Brought to you by the makers of Livemix. DAL has been in the game since the 1980’s when digital audio was just emerging. They have always been known for incredible sound and build quality. So [...]

Jon Ormesher – Florence and the Machine  | Ultimate Ears Stories from the Field

Jon Ormesher – Florence and the Machine | Ultimate Ears Stories from the Field

Jon Ormesher has been doing monitors for nearly 35 years. He’s worked with a staggering variety of music and  situations. From TV to Arenas Jon has seen it all. Most recently he’s been doing monitors for the amazing Florence and [...]

Ultimate Ears Stories | SALO

Salo Loyo: “The clarity and fullness of the sound instantly inspires you!”

A professional keyboardist since 1985, Loyo has had the opportunity over his career to work with artists as diverse as Luis Miguel, Jon Anderson, Marco Antonio Solis, Charlie Zaa, and Howard Hewitt, He’s travelled the world and even gotten a [...]

In-Ear vs. Wedges Part One. The Basics.

In-Ear vs. Wedges Part One. The Basics.

Would you ride in a car without seatbelts? Wear a brown polyester leisure suit? Get a perm? Watch a black and white TV with no remote, or cable? Of course not, because you don’t live in the past. So why [...]

Matt Green and Ultimate Ears Engineering Team

Manager of Acoustics, Matt Green Talks UE PRO, Boom and 3D Printing

The engineering team behind UE Pro is one of the most innovative in the audio world. We’re excited to pry Manager of Acoustics, Matt Green away from his work long enough to answer some questions for Ultimate Ears Stories. Matt’s [...]


Tony Cottrill – BlackBird Academy integrates Ultimate Ears into their Programs

How did you settle on Ultimate Ears? After months of research, pricing and although there are plenty of great choices I ended up purchasing UE’s, UE has become one of the most respected audio companies in the USA. Do you [...]