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Rich Hilton | CHIC | Ultimate Ears Stories

Can you tell us about some of the musicians you’ve played with? As I’ve been playing professionally since age 15 and engineering since 25, I’ve worked with a lot of different musicians. Over the years, in addition to performing with [...]

In Ear Monitors | Making the Transition to In-Ear Monitors isn’t Hard | Ultimate Ears Stories

So you want transition to in-ear monitors but you’re not 100% ready to make the full investment… Here’s the easiest way to give in-ear monitoring  a try without having to worry about buying wireless in ear monitoring systems or without feeling [...]

Ultimate Ears Walnut Burl Finish

Which Ultimate Ears In-Ear Monitor Is Best For Your Needs?

Dear In-Ear Guy, I really want to jump in and get a pair of UE PRO IEMs, but I can’t for the life of me decided which model to get. Should I just be frugal and get the cheapest one, [...]

Ultimate Ears Stories

Does weight change affect the fit of my IEMs?

Is it true that your ears keep growing the older you get? And doesn’t that affect how your in-ears fit? I don’t want to have to keep buying new sets just because I’m getting older. Despite what you may have [...]

Ultimate Ears Stories | SALO

Salo Loyo: “The clarity and fullness of the sound instantly inspires you!”

A professional keyboardist since 1985, Loyo has had the opportunity over his career to work with artists as diverse as Luis Miguel, Jon Anderson, Marco Antonio Solis, Charlie Zaa, and Howard Hewitt, He’s travelled the world and even gotten a [...]

In-Ear vs. Wedges Part One. The Basics.

In-Ear vs. Wedges Part One. The Basics.

Would you ride in a car without seatbelts? Wear a brown polyester leisure suit? Get a perm? Watch a black and white TV with no remote, or cable? Of course not, because you don’t live in the past. So why [...]

Building the Perfect Portable Studio with Ultimate Ears  | Ultimate Ears Stories from the Field

Building the Perfect Portable Studio with Ultimate Ears | Ultimate Ears Stories from the Field

In the previous installment, I talked about how the UERM and the AK120 became my new tools of choice for on-the-move mixing and referencing. These two products are a creative workhorse beyond my wildest expectations. I stumbled into using this [...]