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AeB photo by Ciro Hurtado Ultimate Ears

AeB: Top 10 reasons why Ultimate Ears Pro are the way to go for live looping, EDM, vocal and instrumental performance.

Los Angeles based recording artist and session musician Adrienne “AeB” Byrne has performed with Robby Krieger, Alex Lifeson, Jack Black, Haley Reinhart, Chicago, and Sebastian Bach to name a few. AeB photo by Ciro Hurtado Often dubbed “the next Ian [...]

Ultimate Ears Stories

Does weight change affect the fit of my IEMs?

Is it true that your ears keep growing the older you get? And doesn’t that affect how your in-ears fit? I don’t want to have to keep buying new sets just because I’m getting older. Despite what you may have [...]

Ultimate Ears for Live Performance

In Ear Monitors | The Time To Start Using IN-EAR Monitors Is Now | Ultimate Ears Stories

Custom in-ear monitors are for every musician who takes playing live shows seriously (we’ll discuss recording another time).   In-Ear Monitors are tools of the trade that help elevate your performance. The Time To Start Using IN-EAR Monitors Is Now. Waiting [...]

DJs and In-Ear Monitors

If you’re a DJ, you need to think about your hearing

If you’re a DJ, you need to think about your hearing. You live in headphones. You work in headphones.  You are always in the  club ( and it’s way too loud). And you are there night after night. Your ears [...]

Logan Michaels Ultimate Ears Stories

Logan Michaels | Drummer | Ultimate Ears Stories

Logan Michaels is a New York based drummer that is doing great things. He is a drummer and and an educator.  And he’s making a living doing what he loves. That’s really impressive given all the talk about the current [...]

What to do before Your Audiologist appointment

Wax Happens. A Few Points to Consider Before Setting Your Impressions Appointment

You’ve made the bold move to get custom in-ear monitors. You’ve debated and asked around and now you are ready to get your impressions made.  You are stoked. You’ve made the appointment to see your local audiologist; you’re on your [...]

Ultimate Ears Stories | Larry Crane

Larry Crane – Tape Op Magazine | Ultimate Ears Stories from the Field

Larry Crane is the creator of Tape Op Magazine. For nearly 20 years Tape Op has been a must read for those looking to learn and explore ideas in creative recording.   Fittingly,  Tape Op got it’s start in the [...]

In Ear Monitoring | What is Sound Guard and What does it do? | Ultimate Ears Stories

In a previous installment of UE University we talked about the fantastic Sound Guard that UE debuted at NAMM this year. We spoke with Engineer Joe Saggio on some of the more technical sides of Sound Guard. Hey Joe, thanks [...]

Wax Happens | Clean and Happy IEMs | Ultimate Ears Stories

Wax Happens | Clean and Happy IEMs | Ultimate Ears Stories

First a disclaimer, the information provided below is intended for clients of UE Pro who have had their ears inspected, had impressions made and now want to maintain healthy ear canal. This is NOT for everyone – especially if they [...]