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Which Ultimate Ears In-Ear Monitor Is Best For Your Needs?

Dear In-Ear Guy, I really want to jump in and get a pair of UE PRO IEMs, but I can’t for the life of me decided which model to get. Should I just be frugal and get the cheapest one, [...]

Boston MA | Axiom Music | Ultimate Ears Dealer Profile

Axiom Music is a valued dealer of Ultimate Ears in the Boston area. Owner Libor Hadrava is the author of In-depth Rhythm Studies, the owner and head instructor of Axiom Music School, and is a featured educator for DRUM! Magazine, [...]

Drummer and Click | Ultimate Ears Stories

Are In-Ear monitors good for using a click track?

I’m a drummer and I want to use a click track. I’ve heard in-ears are good for this. Any advice? In-Ear Monitors are what you you’re looking for. In addition to your click, you’ll be able to mix in any [...]

What In Ear monitors do you recommend for a Singing Drummer?

If I am a vocalist, but I also play drums, what model of Ultimate Ears would you recommend for a singing drummer? Dear Beats n’ Vox, First of all let me say that I am in awe of singing drummers! [...]

Logan Michaels Ultimate Ears Stories

Logan Michaels | Drummer | Ultimate Ears Stories

Logan Michaels is a New York based drummer that is doing great things. He is a drummer and and an educator.  And he’s making a living doing what he loves. That’s really impressive given all the talk about the current [...]

Larry the O | Drummer | Ultimate Ears Stories

Larry the O has worn many, many hats in the music world. He plays drums,. He’s written for publications such as Mix and Electronic Musician.  And did we mention he is a technology wizard and a world class programmer. Heck, he [...]

In-Ear vs. Wedges Part One. The Basics.

In-Ear vs. Wedges Part One. The Basics.

Would you ride in a car without seatbelts? Wear a brown polyester leisure suit? Get a perm? Watch a black and white TV with no remote, or cable? Of course not, because you don’t live in the past. So why [...]

Ultimate Ears Stories

How to keep a tight seal as a drummer.

Sometimes my UE Pro IEMs break their seal when I start to make those drummer faces ( totally my fault, def not the UE Pro).  Do you have any suggestions for me to keep that seal intact while I’m drumming? [...]

Ultimate Ears Stories

What kind of sound level do I want as a Drummer?

I am a drummer who’s thinking about getting IEMs.  if I am running IEM’s with a headphone amp and am getting my mix from the board, can I take the XLR line right from the wedge? Or do I ask [...]

Matt Greiner [August Burns Red]:  “IEMs help me feel comfortable on stage.”

Matt Greiner [August Burns Red]: “IEMs help me feel comfortable on stage.”

Matt Greiner is the drummer in August Burns Red, a phenomenal metal band, from Manheim, Pennsylvania. Formed in 2003, the group began their first performances while most of the members were still in high school. Matt brings a unique take [...]