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A new review in Bass Player calls the UE 11 PRO: “The UE 11 PRO in-ear monitors are among the best money can buy, especially for bass players.” The author Jonathan Herrera, goes on to say: “The impact on clarity is phenomenal. And while there are many generic models to choose from that feature general-purpose earpieces, to get the most out of the in-ear monitoring experience, it’s wise to go with a set of custom-fit in-ears…

First Look at the Ultimate Ears Sound Tap One of the best parts about writing in the music tech space is helping musicians find the tools that will make their lives easier and their sound better. I’ve had the pleasure of guiding countless bands around the world through building In Ear Monitor rigs on a budget. It’s never just as easy as buying the buds. Wireless and installed monitoring systems are expensive, headphone amps are hard to…

There is exciting news, and then there is EXCITING NEWS!!  This is the later. Ultimate Ears today announced the arrival of the new UE PRO 18+. For more than 20 years, Ultimate Ears Pro has been the trusted custom in-ear monitor brand for musicians and professionals around the world. Music lovers have also been drawn to the full product lineup for its precise sound, and now, UE Pro’s best-in-class flagship product is even better. The…

Dear In-Ear Guy, I really want to jump in and get a pair of UE PRO IEMs, but I can’t for the life of me decided which model to get. Should I just be frugal and get the cheapest one, or break the bank and get the 18s? I looked at the specs and it all makes some sense, but what can I expect to hear? Signed, What’s the scoop? Hey Scoop! Obviously the best…

Is it true that your ears keep growing the older you get? And doesn’t that affect how your in-ears fit? I don’t want to have to keep buying new sets just because I’m getting older. Despite what you may have heard, your ears don’t keep growing as you get older. Sure, your body changes and some things get droopier than others but overall, your ear structure is what it is. And let’s not forget, there’s…

Andreas Farmakalidis is a bass player based in CA. He graduated magna cum laude from  Berklee College of Music (BMus) as well as from Brandeis University (MA) has gained wide ranging international experience as a performer as well as educator focusing on music analysis.

Andreas has shared the stage with many national acts such as:

WAR, Ryan Cabrera, Heleen Schuttevaer, Nicolas Farmakalidis, Steven Adler (Guns n Roses) Greek Xfactor + Greek idol artists, and many more.

He has toured all over USA and Europe including performances in most of the major Music festivals such as North Sea Jazz festival, 2005 European Bass Day, Florida Music Festival, SXSW, NXNE, Summerfest among many others.

Here are some choice morsels:

About how he was introduced to UE

I was first introduced to the Ultimate Ears Products during the 2015 NAMM show and through that I heard that Ultimate Ears had collaborated with the engineers at Capitol Records for the UE-REM. I was interested in learning more since I was fortunate enough to have spent some time in Capitol’s recording studio A, which, by the way, was recently refurbished, thus I was familiar with the sound. I emailed the company and drove all the way to Irvine so I could check more of their products.  There, I got the opportunity to test and compare many of their In-ear monitors.

About how UE fits into his workflow

Firstly I would like to say the reasons why I use the UE pro in-ear monitors. There are several good reasons for using in-ear monitors. I use the UE-PRO – 11s live as well as in the studio when I record bass. The reasons are to increase the overall sound quality by reducing stage volume (getting rid of monitor speakers), for better hearing protection as well as for the need to have a precise monitor mix.

I use the Reference Monitor in the Studio for mixing. You need a consistent and accurate point of reference that you can trust wherever you are. Because of my changing schedule I have to finish projects on my laptop or in  studios that I have never been before, therefore having a steady super accurate sound signature is invaluable.

Words of advice to young musicians.

Everybody says that practice makes perfect. I will say that PERFECT practice makes perfect.  Practicing intelligently is something that my best teachers instilled in me, and it’s vital if you’re going to survive in the professional world.

In addition to that, young musicians should always choose aspiration over the competition. Always look at what it is that they do that you like, and try to figure out how to integrate it into your own playing.

There’s a lot of truth to the statement; “Lower stage volumes equal better shows for everyone.” Especially for you in the long-run. Volume Wars: In our previous post about the advantages of IEMs over Wedges, we looked at the idea of “Volume Wars.” That is when you are trying to hear your instrument over the other people in the band on stage. Here’s the thing, everyone else on stage is probably having the same issue…