Monday, May 1, 2017
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Mix Magazine Calls The UE 18+ “An Unparalleled Listening Experience.”

From Mix Magazine: UE PRO 18 Review [March 2017 Issue]

Listening with the 18+ Pro is luxurious. Like the UE Pro Reference Remastered IEMs, they are well balanced across the frequency range, although a bit more forward in the bottom end.  As a reference for panning, there is nothing better. The stereo picture comes alive both from the isolation and proximity to the ear drum. Transients are crisp quick and well-defined, the bottom end is full and punchy, and the top end clean without being brash or overly bright.  The low-end presence below 100Hz is slight but enough that I would trust the UE Pro Remastered more for mixing. That said, the 18+  Pro is an excellent IEM that provides an unparalleled listening experience.

Mix Magazine: UE PRO 18
Mix Magazine: UE PRO 18
Mix Magazine: UE PRO 18

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