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Confidently take your studio on the road with Ultimate Ears. This is how I did it pt 1.

I needed to use my studio on the road. I needed power, portability and translation — the triumvirate of the modern producer / mixer. Power and portability are self-explanatory, translation means: am I confident that I am hearing an accurate representation of my project? And is what I am hearing going to translate to other [...]

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Why do I have to visit an Audiologist?

That’s a very good question and I’m glad you brought it up. In-ear monitors are custom fit to your ears and your ears only. They are not off-the-shelf products so before we can build them for you, we need to know your precise measurements. We need to know the interior dimensions of your ear and [...]

Audique Ultimate Ears Stories

Netherlands & Brussels | Audique | Dealer Profile

Audique was founded by Marcel Peters in 1989 and started with personal moulded hearing protection for the music industry. That tradition continues to this day. In 1997 they started selling Ultimate Ears. Since 2001 they have been an official distributor for UE, so they were there from the very beginning. Audique sells Ultimate Ears products in [...]

Thomas Müeller of Acoustix | Ultimate Ears Stories from the Field

Thomas Müeller of Acoustix | Ultimate Ears Stories from the Field

We sat down with Thomas Müeller of Acoustix & Don’t Lose the Music in New Zealand and had a very indepth chat about SPL (sound pressure level) reduction in regards to  UE PROs and how that pertained to drummers specifically. First let me give you a little background. Thomas established Acoustix Hearing Technologies in 2004 [...]

My Ultimate Ears are Buzzing Help

Why am I hearing a buzz or a hum in my in-ear monitor? How can I troubleshoot that?

Somethings off. I’m hearing a buzzing in both sides of my in-ear monitors. Any clue as to why? Something is off. But based on what you’re saying, I don’t suspect that it’s the monitors themselves. You see, since the sound is generated by balanced armatures rather than by dynamic coils like most typical headphones, there [...]

Ultimate Ears Horn Player

In-Ear Monitors are for everyone. Including Horn Players

Yes! Absolutely yes. In Ears are for everyone. Including horn players. Custom in-ear monitors are for any musician who wants to protect their hearing and have more control over their mix. And that includes trumpet players, sax players, and even tuba players! (There are never enough posts about tuba players but that’s a different story…) [...]

Alicia Blake  | Ultimate Ears Stories from the Field

Alicia Blake | Ultimate Ears Stories from the Field

Alicia Blake has worked as a FOH Engineer, assistant recording engineer, monitor engineer, promoter, talent buyer and tour manager.  She currently works as TM / FOH and has worked with bands including The Head and the Heart, Yellow Ostrich, Wye Oak, Blitzen Trapper and Thao with the Get Down Stay Down.  As part of our [...]

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Zach Snyder  | Ultimate Ears Stories from the Field

Zach Snyder | Ultimate Ears Stories from the Field

As part of our monthly On The Road With… series, I recently had the chance to catch up with Zach Snyder, the Monitor Engineer and Production Manager for Hot Chelle Rae. Here’s Zach’s thoughts about pulling double duty shifts and about how and why a band chooses to go on in-ears. Hi Zach – thank [...]