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Shibaura Studio Group

Shibaura Studio Group | Japan

The Shibaura Studio Group are incredibly respected and the most famous professional rehearsal studios in Japan. They have a rich history of both Japanese and overseas artists as visitors. And now we are very pleased to announce they also have UE listening stations and demo units. We are extremely proud and humbled that such a [...]

FirstLive Studios | Brooklyn NY

FirstLive Studio A production company specializing in capturing live performances and events.   FirstLive love to provide their customers amazing coffee and Ultimate Ears. Their team of techies is ready to help  with just about any production needs – from live sound, audio and video recordings of live events,  all the way to post-production editing, and live [...]

UE PRO Remastered

UE Pro Remastered | The Second Collaboration with Capitol Studios

Last week Ultimate Ears unveiled  the UE Pro Remastered. It’s the latest collaboration with Capitol Studios and it’s a big deal for many reasons. You might be asking “what does remastering IEMs even mean?”   A few years ago Ultimate Ears and Capitol Studios teamed up. Their goal was to create an In-Ear Monitor that could [...]

Ultimate Ears is elated to visit Golden Audio, an Authorized UE Dealer in Hong Kong


Ultimate Ears is honored to visit Foco Audio, an Authorized UE Dealer in Hong Kong


Ultimate Ears IEMs and Singers pt 1

The simple truth is that In-Ear Monitors can help make singing live more manageable.

The simple truth is that In-Ear Monitors can help make singing live more manageable. In-ear monitoring allows you to hear your voice clearly inside your head, instead of down on the floor in front of you like with wedges.  As a bonus, the IEMs act as plugs, reducing the amount of volume coming from the [...]

Ultimate Ears Noy Soudaly

Noy Soudaly – UE Employee #1

Here at Ultimate Ears Stories we like shining the spotlight on the folks who make UE happen. It’s not just that we’ve been around for 20 years, but in those years we’ve created an amazing platform and built an outstanding community. Noy Soudaly has been there from the very start. In fact, he is employee #1. To [...]

Andreas Farmakalidis | Ultimate Ears Stories from the Field

Andreas Farmakalidis is a bass player based in CA. He graduated magna cum laude from  Berklee College of Music (BMus) as well as from Brandeis University (MA) has gained wide ranging international experience as a performer as well as educator focusing on music analysis. Andreas has shared the stage with many national acts such as: [...]

Understanding Wireless Transmitters & Receivers

WIRELESS TRANSMITTERS & RECEIVERS FOR IN-EAR MONITORING In order to fully understand the total benefits of in-ear monitoring, let’s first cover the basics of wireless transmitters: how they work and how they relate to in-ear monitoring. Wireless systems and in-ear monitors are interdependent — you rarely have one without the other and in order to [...]

Harley deWinter: “UE’s have helped push me into the next level of my playing”

Harley deWinter, along with his band, Un D Vided, won “Best Youth Artist” two years in a row at the Orange County Music Awards (2013 and 2014). Un D Vided recently reformed under the name My Mechanical Heart and have just released a terrific cover of Lady Gaga’s Applause. Even at  18, Harley has compiled [...]