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Andreas Farmakalidis | Ultimate Ears Stories from the Field

Andreas Farmakalidis is a bass player based in CA. He graduated magna cum laude from  Berklee College of Music (BMus) as well as from Brandeis University (MA) has gained wide ranging international experience as a performer as well as educator focusing on music analysis. Andreas has shared the stage with many national acts such as: [...]

Understanding Wireless Transmitters & Receivers

WIRELESS TRANSMITTERS & RECEIVERS FOR IN-EAR MONITORING In order to fully understand the total benefits of in-ear monitoring, let’s first cover the basics of wireless transmitters: how they work and how they relate to in-ear monitoring. Wireless systems and in-ear monitors are interdependent — you rarely have one without the other and in order to [...]

Harley deWinter: “UE’s have helped push me into the next level of my playing”

Harley deWinter, along with his band, Un D Vided, won “Best Youth Artist” two years in a row at the Orange County Music Awards (2013 and 2014). Un D Vided recently reformed under the name My Mechanical Heart and have just released a terrific cover of Lady Gaga’s Applause. Even at  18, Harley has compiled [...]

What to do before Your Audiologist appointment

Wax Happens. A Few Points to Consider Before Setting Your Impressions Appointment

You’ve made the bold move to get custom in-ear monitors. You’ve debated and asked around and now you are ready to get your impressions made.  You are stoked. You’ve made the appointment to see your local audiologist; you’re on your way! Then you hear the terrible news… the audiologist looks in your ear and says, [...]

Ultimate Ears Emma Hewitt

“Any singer that can hear themselves will instantly find their performance easier and less stressful” says Emma Hewitt

Emma Hewitt is an EDM singer / songwriter who released her first LP in 2008.  How did you discover Ultimate Ears? When I started gigging around pretty much all of the great sound guys were recommending Ultimate Ears for stage. I realized I HAD to get some with so many great recommendations.  And they truly [...]

Ultimate Ears Stories | FRIAS

FRIAS | Ultimate Ears Stories

Producer / Engineer  FRIAS has worked in the US and Mexico with bands as diverse as Molotov and Syntek. He’s worked both in the studio and in a variety of live settings. We caught FRIAS during a break in his non-stop schedule and got to ask everything from his history to what it’s like like [...]

Central Texas | Joy Bastow | Dealer Profile

Joy Bastow has been fitting, selling, and servicing in ear monitors for over 10 years. While she is based in Central Texas, she also travels the U.S. and has many who travel to her.   She is renowned for her skills in ear impressions, offering 24/7 customer service for her clients. She offers on site [...]

Ultimate Ears Stories | Larry Crane

Larry Crane – Tape Op Magazine | Ultimate Ears Stories from the Field

Larry Crane is the creator of Tape Op Magazine. For nearly 20 years Tape Op has been a must read for those looking to learn and explore ideas in creative recording.   Fittingly,  Tape Op got it’s start in the mid 1990’s as a photocopied, hand-stapled magazine with spray painted covers. Since then Larry and [...]

Ultimate Ears Stories | Digital Audio Labs

The Fundamentals of Personal Monitoring. How to Create a Solid Mix.

Personal Monitoring 101 pt. 1 Brought to you by the makers of Livemix. DAL has been in the game since the 1980’s when digital audio was just emerging. They have always been known for incredible sound and build quality. So much so that some of their initial boxes are still our working in the field. [...]

Ultimate Ears IEMs vs Wedgess

Volume Wars | “Lower stage volumes equal better shows for everyone.”

There’s a lot of truth to the statement; “Lower stage volumes equal better shows for everyone.” Especially for you in the long-run. Volume Wars: In our previous post about the advantages of IEMs over Wedges, we looked at the idea of “Volume Wars.” That is when you are trying to hear your instrument over the [...]