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Ultimate Ears Noy Soudaly

Noy Soudaly – UE Employee #1

Here at Ultimate Ears Stories we like shining the spotlight on the folks who make UE happen. It’s not just that we’ve been around for 20 years, but in those years we’ve created an amazing platform and built an outstanding community. Noy [...]

Ultimate Ears Stories

If you start to lose output from your in-ear monitors, it’s probably time for a deep cleaning.

I hate to say this, but I find myself emailing you about my UEs not working properly… It seems to be a repeat of a previous problem. I have low output on both sides, especially from the bass driver. For [...]

In Ear Monitoring | What is Sound Guard and What does it do? | Ultimate Ears Stories

In a previous installment of UE University we talked about the fantastic Sound Guard that UE debuted at NAMM this year. We spoke with Engineer Joe Saggio on some of the more technical sides of Sound Guard. Hey Joe, thanks [...]

Dave Pensado: “Nobody does [Live Monitoring] better than Ultimate Ears”

Dave Pensado: “Nobody does [Live Monitoring] better than Ultimate Ears”

What an amazing way to kick off 2015 here at UE University, and just in time for NAMM. There is so much to say about the amazing partnership of Dave Pensado and Herb Trawick. From the genius of the Pensado’s [...]

UE Introduces Sound Guard at NAMM

UE Introduces Sound Guard at NAMM

One of the questions I frequently get asked as people are considering the move over to IEMs is this: “What happens if someone drops a mike, or there is feedback? I’m really worried about how that might be harmful.” It’s [...]

Ultimate Ears Out Warrantee

Ultimate Ears Offers $99 Flat Rate Repair

Things break, especially on the road, And when they do not only will you lose the use of your IEMs for a while ( and that is no good) but how much will it cost to get you back up [...]

Ultimate Ears Does an Reddit AMA

Ultimate Ears Does an Reddit AMA

VP & General Manager of UE, Philippe Depallens and Director of Sales, Mike Dias did a Reddit AMA recently. In case you missed it, we pulled all the juicy bits and have them below for your reading pleasure. veni_vidi_vale Thanks [...]

Building the Perfect Portable Studio with Ultimate Ears  | Ultimate Ears Stories from the Field

Building the Perfect Portable Studio with Ultimate Ears | Ultimate Ears Stories from the Field

In the previous installment, I talked about how the UERM and the AK120 became my new tools of choice for on-the-move mixing and referencing. These two products are a creative workhorse beyond my wildest expectations. I stumbled into using this [...]

Audique Ultimate Ears Stories

Netherlands & Brussels | Audique | Dealer Profile

Audique was founded by Marcel Peters in 1989 and started with personal moulded hearing protection for the music industry. That tradition continues to this day. In 1997 they started selling Ultimate Ears. Since 2001 they have been an official distributor [...]

Ultimate Ears interview with Jim Feeney

Jim Feeney uses UE11 PRO for all band members on IEMs

AN INTERVIEW WITH JIM FEENEY Jim Feeney is the Monitor Engineer and Tour Manager for CSS, the first South American band to be signed to Sub Pop Records. We had the chance to catch up with Jim and ask him [...]