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Dublin | Hearing Music | Dealer Profile

Hearing Music is the exclusive dealer of Ultimate Ears in Ireland. The are located in Dublin at 10 Wicklow St, Dublin 2 . Hearing Music and its sibling store The Listening Suite provide a unique experience featuring both CIEMs and [...]

Arnolod Offermann from Gear it First says: “These CUSTOM in-ear monitors from Ultimate Ears changed my life!”

Arnoldo Offermann is a one-of-a-kind DJ, MC, and lighting designer. On his Gear it first YouTube Channel he reviews the UE 11 PRO and says: I was never a fan of NOT mixing with my headphones, but these CUSTOM in-ear [...]

WHAMS Ultimate Ears Storeis

WHAMS | Producers | Ultimate Ears Stories

WHAMS is a Los Angeles based production team comprised of producers Trent Mazur and Michael Freesh. They’ve worked with everyone from Train to Flo Rida to Nelly, and many others. What really makes them so refreshing to me is they [...]

Sudwyn Munshi | Guest Post | Ultimate Ears Stories

Our guest post this time out is from Sudwyn Munshi. Besides for being intactly involved in the shell detailing process at Ultimate Ears, Sudwyn is a Los Angeles based producer, engineer, and let’s not forget musician. One thing that I [...]

Logan Michaels Ultimate Ears Stories

Logan Michaels | Drummer | Ultimate Ears Stories

Logan Michaels is a New York based drummer that is doing great things. He is a drummer and and an educator.  And he’s making a living doing what he loves. That’s really impressive given all the talk about the current [...]

Larry the O | Drummer | Ultimate Ears Stories

Larry the O has worn many, many hats in the music world. He plays drums,. He’s written for publications such as Mix and Electronic Musician.  And did we mention he is a technology wizard and a world class programmer. Heck, he [...]

Can I use IEMs as DJ Headphones? | Ultimate Ears Stories from the Field

I really want to pursue being a DJ even though I’m just starting out.  I’m seriously researching headphones. I’m seeing a lot of options and my friends all have different opinions. What do you think about using IEMs for DJ [...]

Transitioning from Stage Sound to Ultimate Ears: “With the new UE’s we’ve noticed outstanding changes!”

We get a lot of questions about the transition to Custom IEMs versus universal fit and monitors. Obviously we think custom IEMs are the way to go. But it’s a challenge when all you can say is “Believe me, you’re [...]

Shibaura Studio Group

Shibaura Studio Group | Japan

The Shibaura Studio Group are incredibly respected and the most famous professional rehearsal studios in Japan. They have a rich history of both Japanese and overseas artists as visitors. And now we are very pleased to announce they also have [...]

UE PRO Remastered

UE Pro Remastered | The Second Collaboration with Capitol Studios

Last week Ultimate Ears unveiled  the UE Pro Remastered. It’s the latest collaboration with Capitol Studios and it’s a big deal for many reasons. You might be asking “what does remastering IEMs even mean?”   A few years ago Ultimate [...]