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In-Ear Monitors Help You Perform Better

In Ear Monitors | Making the Transition to In-Ear Monitors isn’t Hard | Ultimate Ears Stories

So you want transition to in-ear monitors but you’re not 100% ready to make the full investment… Here’s the easiest way to give in-ear monitoring  a try without having to worry about buying wireless in ear monitoring systems or without feeling [...]

Personal Monitoring for In-Ear Monitors | The Basics

USING PERSONAL MIXERS – THE BASICS Guest Post By Van Metschke & Mike Sessler Van Metschke is the Church Relations guy for CCI Solutions. He has more than 30 years production experience and spent 20 years on church staffs. He’s [...]

Volume Guiar Amp | Ultimate Ears Stories

In-ear monitors | Lower Stage Volumes Mean Better Shows | Ultimate Ears Stories

Why should I replace wedges with in-ears? Becuase lower stage volume is key to a better performance. Lower stage volumes mean better shows for everyone. Your most important job as a musician is to deliver the best performance possible – [...]

Drummer and Click | Ultimate Ears Stories

Are In-Ear monitors good for using a click track?

I’m a drummer and I want to use a click track. I’ve heard in-ears are good for this. Any advice? In-Ear Monitors are what you you’re looking for. In addition to your click, you’ll be able to mix in any [...]

Ultimate Ears for Live Performance

In Ear Monitors | The Time To Start Using IN-EAR Monitors Is Now | Ultimate Ears Stories

Custom in-ear monitors are for every musician who takes playing live shows seriously (we’ll discuss recording another time).   In-Ear Monitors are tools of the trade that help elevate your performance. The Time To Start Using IN-EAR Monitors Is Now. Waiting [...]

Can we skip soundcheck?

We’re looking for portable gear for independent mixing of 4-5 wireless IEM’s. Do most pro bands split their mic signal from the stage mics, and run it to a mixer on stage, so that they can adjust their mix without [...]

REV33 and Ultimate Ears

REV33 TrueSound is a revolutionary audio technology. Reduces ear-fatigue.

REV33 TrueSound is a revolutionary audio technology developed to reduce the harmful effects of ear-fatigue experienced by musicians, sound engineers and casual music listeners.  Designed to work with existing in-ear monitors, headphones and earbuds, the REV33 decreases the noise and [...]

DJs and In-Ear Monitors

If you’re a DJ, you need to think about your hearing

If you’re a DJ, you need to think about your hearing. You live in headphones. You work in headphones.  You are always in the  club ( and it’s way too loud). And you are there night after night. Your ears [...]

Logan Michaels Ultimate Ears Stories

Logan Michaels | Drummer | Ultimate Ears Stories

Logan Michaels is a New York based drummer that is doing great things. He is a drummer and and an educator.  And he’s making a living doing what he loves. That’s really impressive given all the talk about the current [...]

Can I use IEMs as DJ Headphones? | Ultimate Ears Stories from the Field

I really want to pursue being a DJ even though I’m just starting out.  I’m seriously researching headphones. I’m seeing a lot of options and my friends all have different opinions. What do you think about using IEMs for DJ [...]