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What makes custom monitors more reliable than Universal fit?

Jad Gilles from Hillsong Church says “Hillsong/ Hillsong UNITED has been using UE products for over a decade”

Jad Gillies is a worship leader and Creative Pastor at Hillsong Church. He oversees worship leadership teams across the church’s Australian Campuses. Jad has also recorded songs with some of the best contemporary artists in Christian music today.   Hey [...]

Chris Reeve - Filter Ultimate Ears

Chris Reeve, the drummer from Filter, says “MY UE’S ARE SO RIDICULOUSLY COMFORTABLE AND SOUND AMAZING”

“Nothing else on the market compares to the low end and isolation I get from my UE11s. They don’t just allow me to hear the intricacies in music, they help me FEEL the music- from traveling, to performing, to relaxing [...]

Personal Monitoring for In-Ear Monitors | The Basics

USING PERSONAL MIXERS – THE BASICS Guest Post By Van Metschke & Mike Sessler Van Metschke is the Church Relations guy for CCI Solutions. He has more than 30 years production experience and spent 20 years on church staffs. He’s [...]

Ultimate Ears for Live Performance

In Ear Monitors | The Time To Start Using IN-EAR Monitors Is Now | Ultimate Ears Stories

Custom in-ear monitors are for every musician who takes playing live shows seriously (we’ll discuss recording another time).   In-Ear Monitors are tools of the trade that help elevate your performance. The Time To Start Using IN-EAR Monitors Is Now. Waiting [...]

What In Ear monitors do you recommend for a Singing Drummer?

If I am a vocalist, but I also play drums, what model of Ultimate Ears would you recommend for a singing drummer? Dear Beats n’ Vox, First of all let me say that I am in awe of singing drummers! [...]

Mike Andrade Tribal Seeds | Ultimate Ears

Mike Andrade – Tribal Seeds | Ultimate Ears Stories

Mike Andrade has a such a varied music career it’s hard to know where to start. He got his taste for music back in high school playing drums, to making electronic music in the pre-DAW days. He’s worked in some [...]

Ultimate Ears Stories

I Can’t decide about getting Custom in-ears | Ultimate Ears Stories

I’ve been on the fence about getting customs. I am unsure because I’ve never used them and I know you can’t return them. They are a really big investment and I am scared. Be straight with me. What are the [...]

Ultimate Ears Custom In-Ear Monitors

What Are The Benefits Of Using Custom IN-EAR Monitors

WHAT ARE THE BENEFITS OF USING CUSTOM IN-EAR MONITORS? Are you ever onstage constantly thinking to yourself: “I wish I could hear the other musicians better?” “I wish i could hear my voice better” “That sound person is going to [...]

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How to keep a tight seal as a drummer.

Sometimes my UE Pro IEMs break their seal when I start to make those drummer faces ( totally my fault, def not the UE Pro).  Do you have any suggestions for me to keep that seal intact while I’m drumming? [...]