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How to Keep your Ultimate Ears Clean and Happy

How to Keep your Ultimate Ears Clean and Happy

Keeping your Ultimate Ears clean shouldn’t be a hassle. We all know that wax happens, especially on the road. You can take steps to keep your Ultimate Ears clean and happy. Everyday cleaning is best accomplished by the the cleaning tool [...]

What to do before Your Audiologist appointment

Wax Happens. A Few Points to Consider Before Setting Your Impressions Appointment

You’ve made the bold move to get custom in-ear monitors. You’ve debated and asked around and now you are ready to get your impressions made.  You are stoked. You’ve made the appointment to see your local audiologist; you’re on your [...]

Ultimate Ears Stories | Digital Audio Labs

The Fundamentals of Personal Monitoring. How to Create a Solid Mix.

Personal Monitoring 101 pt. 1 Brought to you by the makers of Livemix. DAL has been in the game since the 1980’s when digital audio was just emerging. They have always been known for incredible sound and build quality. So [...]

Ultimate Ears IEMs vs Wedgess

Volume Wars | “Lower stage volumes equal better shows for everyone.”

There’s a lot of truth to the statement; “Lower stage volumes equal better shows for everyone.” Especially for you in the long-run. Volume Wars: In our previous post about the advantages of IEMs over Wedges, we looked at the idea [...]

Ultimate Ears Stories

If you start to lose output from your in-ear monitors, it’s probably time for a deep cleaning.

I hate to say this, but I find myself emailing you about my UEs not working properly… It seems to be a repeat of a previous problem. I have low output on both sides, especially from the bass driver. For [...]

What’s the minimum age to get impressions?

What’s the minimum age to get impressions?

My kid is in a band that is starting to get some attention, which means they are playing a lot of shows. She’s still in her early teens, but I was thinking about getting her a set of IEMs. but [...]

Ultimate Ears Stories

What kind of sound level do I want as a Drummer?

I am a drummer who’s thinking about getting IEMs.  if I am running IEM’s with a headphone amp and am getting my mix from the board, can I take the XLR line right from the wedge? Or do I ask [...]

Wax Happens | Clean and Happy IEMs | Ultimate Ears Stories

Wax Happens | Clean and Happy IEMs | Ultimate Ears Stories

First a disclaimer, the information provided below is intended for clients of UE Pro who have had their ears inspected, had impressions made and now want to maintain healthy ear canal. This is NOT for everyone – especially if they [...]

My Ultimate Ears are Buzzing Help

Why am I hearing a buzz or a hum in my in-ear monitor? How can I troubleshoot that?

Somethings off. I’m hearing a buzzing in both sides of my in-ear monitors. Any clue as to why? Something is off. But based on what you’re saying, I don’t suspect that it’s the monitors themselves. You see, since the sound [...]

Ultimate Ears Drummer Click Track

The Best way to use In-Ear Monitors with a Click Track

I’m a drummer and I want to use a click track. I’ve heard in-ears are good for this. Any advice? In-Ear Monitors are what you you’re looking for. In addition to your click, you’ll be able to mix in any [...]