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Using the UE Sound Tap in your Church if you can’t afford a monitoring system

Personal Monitoring on a Budget: Using the UE Sound Tap in your Church if you can’t afford a monitoring system Countless churches are beginning to realize the benefits of switching from a traditional monitoring system to personal in-ear monitoring for [...]

In-Ear Monitors | First Look at the UE Sound Tap | Ultimate Ears Stories

First Look at the Ultimate Ears Sound Tap One of the best parts about writing in the music tech space is helping musicians find the tools that will make their lives easier and their sound better. I’ve had the pleasure of [...]

Do we need new wireless packs for every country that we visit | Ultimate Ears Stories

Do you need new wireless packs for every country that your band visits?

We’re thinking about buying the Sennheiser G3 wireless transmitters and packs. But we tour all over the world. Do we need new wireless packs for every country that we visit? All the Sennheiser G3 units work all over the world. [...]

What’s the Deal with Mixing on iOS

What’s all this news about mixing shows with my iPad? iOS has really come a long way. And things are only going to get better and more far out in terms of what you can do with your favorite devices. [...]

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Does weight change affect the fit of my IEMs?

Is it true that your ears keep growing the older you get? And doesn’t that affect how your in-ears fit? I don’t want to have to keep buying new sets just because I’m getting older. Despite what you may have [...]

Can we skip soundcheck?

We’re looking for portable gear for independent mixing of 4-5 wireless IEM’s. Do most pro bands split their mic signal from the stage mics, and run it to a mixer on stage, so that they can adjust their mix without [...]


How To Mix In-Ear Monitors Without A Dedicated Tour Engineer

Q: Can we use in-ears even if we don’t travel with a monitor engineer? Regardless of what your touring situation looks like and even if you’re playing clubs without a dedicated sound engineer, you can still benefit from IEMs. If [...]

What In Ear monitors do you recommend for a Singing Drummer?

If I am a vocalist, but I also play drums, what model of Ultimate Ears would you recommend for a singing drummer? Dear Beats n’ Vox, First of all let me say that I am in awe of singing drummers! [...]

Ultimate Ears IEMs vs Wedgess

What is the Ambient Option and do I Need It?

When some people start using In-Ear Monitors they worry about feeling isolated from the audience. Some people think they can even try using only 1 in-ear. This is a bad idea. A very bad idea. I understand that you don’t [...]

Ultimate Ears for Live Performance

Reduce Vocal Fatigue with Mic Control & In-Ear Monitors

One of the most overlooked processes for vocalists is Mic Control. Very few vocalists practice mic technique enough. This I can lead to all sorts of bad results including poor performance to making really a really bad habit much worse. [...]