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Drum Magazine: Ultimate Ears is introducing a new connection for all its in-ear monitors, specifically with drummers in mind.

Ultimate Ears is introducing a new hi-fi audio cable and connection for all its in-ear monitors, as well as two new products, one of which was designed specifically with drummers in mind. The company also introduced two new models: the [...]

Bass Musician: “Ultimate Ears Introduces Most Advanced In-Ear Monitor to Date”

In a relentless pursuit to improve reliability, the entire Ultimate Ears CIEM lineup is now upgraded with the Ultimate Ears IPX Connection System, a durable new cable connection system that can withstand the rigors of music touring and minimize the [...]

THE VERGE: “…the sound quality and comfort can’t be overstated”

Ultimate Ears’ custom in-ear headphones tend to be for professional musicians to use in either studios or onstage, and the UE Live is no exception. Ultimate Ears says that the new headphones are specifically designed for musicians performing on the [...]

Premier Guitar says that the UE 7 is perfect for where the guitar sits in the band mix

Quick Hit: Ultimate Ears UE 7 In-Ear Monitors Review I found the UE7’s midrange and high-end impressively robust and accurate—perfect for where the guitar sits in the band mix. Arguably, the most important aspect of being comfortable onstage is hearing [...]

When Modern Drummer reviewed the UE 11’s, they said the “depth and punch of the kick came through so that we heard and felt it!”

Ultimate Ears Pro UE-11 In-Ear Monitors  A tight, punchy bass tone with crystal-clear middle and high frequencies. The UE-11s that we received were fine-tuned specifically for bass players and drummers. They eliminated 26 dB of stage noise and had two [...]

Worship Leader Magazine Reviews the UE Reference Remastered

Ultimate Ears Pro Reference Remastered The UE Pro Reference Remastered gives you a completely transparent/uncolored headphone mix, perfect for critical listening settings, monitor mixing, or even audio recording Read the full UE Reference Remastered House of Worship review here.   [...]

The Absolute Sound Reviews the UE Reference Remaster

Ultimate Ears Pro Reference Remastered Custom In-ear Monitors: Promise Delivered “The Ultimate Ears Pro Reference Remastered image beautifully with 3-D dimensionality and finesse. A fine example of the UERR’s imaging can be heard on the Mollie Moore cover of the Sinatra [...]

Music Connection Reviews the UE 18+

MUSIC GEAR REVIEW: ULTIMATE EARS UE 18+ PRO A more life-like listening experience whether you’re on stage performing, listening to music at home or on the go and plugged into your smart phone. Barry Rudolph published his review of the [...]

Producer Barry Rudolph calls Sound Tap “Marvelous” + “Highly Recommended”

Legendary Producer / Writer Barry Rudolph had this to say about Sound Tap Once you turn the unit on, set the smaller Gain control knob so its green LED is lit but without flashing red LEDs, you’re ready to advance [...]

Mix Magazine Calls The UE 18+ “An Unparalleled Listening Experience.”

From Mix Magazine: UE PRO 18 Review [March 2017 Issue] Listening with the 18+ Pro is luxurious. Like the UE Pro Reference Remastered IEMs, they are well balanced across the frequency range, although a bit more forward in the bottom [...]