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Where to find Authorized UE Dealers

FirstLive Studios | Brooklyn NY

FirstLive Studio A production company specializing in capturing live performances and events.   FirstLive love to provide their customers amazing coffee and Ultimate Ears. Their team of techies is ready to help  with just about any production needs – from live sound, [...]

Ultimate Ears is elated to visit Golden Audio, an Authorized UE Dealer in Hong Kong


Ultimate Ears is honored to visit Foco Audio, an Authorized UE Dealer in Hong Kong


Central Texas | Joy Bastow | Dealer Profile

Joy Bastow has been fitting, selling, and servicing in ear monitors for over 10 years. While she is based in Central Texas, she also travels the U.S. and has many who travel to her.   She is renowned for her [...]

R+R SonicDesign | St.Gallen, Switzerland

R+R SonicDesign AG in St.Gallen, Switzerland has been in the pro audio business since 1983 and a UE Pro dealer since 2011. Recently they launched a complete overhaul of their website and the results are nothing short of outstanding. The [...]

Fischer Amps | Osterburken, Germany

Fischer Amps have more than 10 years of experience in pro audio and are the go to speciality suppliers for solutions for sound engineers and artists. From the outset, Fischer Amps have worked day and night to ease the work [...]

Berlin | Hearing Berlin | Dealer Profile

Fisher amps have been partners of UE since the beginning. They’ve seen it all and might just be the most influential company in live sound reinforcement for Germany if not all of Europe. Acoustic expert Dirk Henken opened HEARING BERLIN, [...]

Ultimate Ears is honored to visit Thinking Group in person


Ultimate Ears is honored to Visit Mingo, an Authorized UE Dealer in Hong Kong


Ultimate Ears is thrilled to visits Let’s Go Audio, an Authorized UE Dealer in Hong Kong