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Ultimate Ears and The Masters at the GET Show

Ultimate Ears was joined on the main stage at The Guangzhou Entertainment and Technology show by 7 of the top national mixing and recording engineers. The masters who joined Ultimate Ears on stage during the GET Show are the top [...]

Troy Choi talks LA LA LAND IN CONCERT and Ultimate Ears

LA LA Land was the surprise hit of 2016 swept the Golden Globes, won six Oscars, and made a net profit of about $65 million. Starting in 2017 and heading into 2018, the film has emerged from the cinemas and [...]

Rich Hilton | CHIC | Ultimate Ears Stories

Can you tell us about some of the musicians you’ve played with? As I’ve been playing professionally since age 15 and engineering since 25, I’ve worked with a lot of different musicians. Over the years, in addition to performing with [...]

Mike Cerda (“MkC”) Director Musical/Dj Maluma

Mike Cerda (“MkC”) Director Musical/Dj Maluma ESPAÑOL: ¿Por qué decidiste hacer la transición de monitores de piso a los monitores en el oído en general? La decisión de comenzar a utilizar in ears y dejar de usar monitores de piso [...]

Rob Hammersmith, drummer for hard rock Legends Skid Row

Rob Hammersmith is the Drummer in legendary hard rock band Skid Row. Why did you decide to transition from wedges to in-ear monitors in general? Like many musicians, I was always chasing consistency and more control with onstage sound. Moving from room [...]

Depeche Mode rely on UE 18+ Pro

For more than 30 years, Depeche Mode have been on the cutting edge with their mix of electronic pop/rock/new wave and dance music. They have had 17 Top 10 albums in the U.K. charts and sold more than 120 million [...]

Sound Engineer Michael Hanson trusts the UERM’s to make a judgment while working remotely

What can I say … Wow! For remote work, I believe these are my new best friends! I can actually trust what I’m hearing with these and the fit is just amazing! They closed out the performer enough for me [...]

Abraham Sanchez calls using Ultimate Ears “Best decision ever!”

Abraham Sanchez is an OC/LA based Drummer known for his soulful, pocket, solid grooves & disciplined style of drumming. Abe’s professional career has spanned from performing in local clubs to touring nationally & internationally. Abe has become a very well [...]

Interview with UK Sound Engineer Kim Watson

Excerpted with permission from Sound Girls, check out the full interview here. UK based sound engineer Kim Watson has been a freelance audio engineer since 1999. Kim’s foray into live sound started with a love of music and desire to work in the [...]

Interview with Strokes Sound Engineer Mr.SoundLady aka Rachel Ryan

Excerpted with permission from Sound Girls, check out the full interview here. Mr.SoundLady aka Rachel Ryan has been working as an independent audio engineer for the last eleven years. She has worked as a FOH and TM for School of [...]