Ultimate Ears was joined on the main stage at The Guangzhou Entertainment and Technology show by 7 of the top national mixing and recording engineers.

The masters who joined Ultimate Ears on stage during the GET Show are the top recording and mixing engineers in China. Each one of the masters tried to top the previous one with amazing things to say about  Ultimate Ears and why these are great tools for professionals.

PLA is the stage tour production largest tour rental company in China and they sponsored the PK speaker shoot out the Main Stage, and many other events at GET and PRO Light. PLA is a terrific UE partner very highly regarded and well connected to the Live Sound Reinforcement Industry in China. Each of these Masters are personal friends with PLA’s Founder, Ben Lin.

The masters on stage at are the top recording and mixing engineers in China from left to right. Ben Lin. Yang Zhen. Shao Yong. Chen Luo. Mike Dias of Ultimate Ears. Tu Zhen-Ze. Drexel Moliere. He Biao. Deng Yi-Jian. Wang Jianhong。

Shoa Yong & Sales Dir. Ultimate Ears, Mike Dias. Shao is national-recognized top recording master.

Tu Zheng-Ze experiences the UE LIVE. Tu is designated sound engineer for mega star-Jay Chao’s JVR Group, who comment on UE LIVE is “ scary real and true “ that may sharp and refine the industry performing standard again. 

Chen Luo and Mike Dias from Ultimate Ears. Chen is the pioneer of sound engineering in China who helps to define numerous profession standard and training many generations of sound engineers of China.

Yang Zhen. Yang is V.P of Xinghai Entertainment Group which is profoundly symbolic music institute of China.  Yang also served as professor of Guangzhou Music College and has won and hold  “National Top 10 Recorder” title for years. 

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